Annie Bacon

Working with Loryn Barbeau is the best thing that has ever happened to my voice. Many years of singing in bars and struggling to project over subpar amplification systems and a loud band had taken me so far off the course of form and function that my voice was literally stuck in my throat. Each lesson with Loryn guided me not only to small calibrations to open and free my voice, but also to deep wisdom about the spiritual and physical blockades my body had built up. By teaching me to align, breathe and then sing, remarkable change has occurred. Even a sound engineer at a great venue (with whom I’d worked about a year before) commented on the increased power and ease in my voice. Loryn gets my highest recommendation.

Justin Seagrave

I have a breakthrough at almost every lesson! I am a songwriter/performer and have been singing for years, but have had trouble creating the vocal sound that I want. Through clear instructions and simple, enjoyable exercises, Loryn has helped me to find a natural way of singing within my own sense of taste and style. Thanks to Loryn, I have gained an easy control of my voice that I hadn’t realized was possible. Looking forward to the next session!


Katie Colver of Cave Clove

I have been singing for my whole life. Several professionals have tried to teach me proper breath support over the years, and never did it click until I had my first lesson with Loryn. Not only did working with Loryn help me understand how to sing with better technique, but I experienced dramatic effects from using the techniques she taught me. I used to lose my voice easily but now I can sing my heart out for hours and only feel stronger afterwards.