Singing shouldn't feel like walking a tight rope while carrying a load of bricks

Ready to make this all a lot easier?


Whether you are a professional performer or just starting out, I want to help you develop healthy and effective singing habits. 

To change results you have to change your actions. But it's hard to change when you don't know what you're doing wrong.

Maybe sometimes you feel great but you don't know exactly what you did so you can repeat the experience.

When we consciously take the right actions, we move beyond relying on talent and start relying on true skill.


 If you've been hitting a wall, our work together will help you:

  • Manage performance anxiety and other stressful emotions that hinder great sound

  • Learn to sing well even when your sound system or acoustics are not ideal

  • Connect with your audience

  • Have more fun

  • Find your true unique sound

  • Increase your range and gain confidence in your high notes

  • Navigate the style you want to sing without sacrificing your vocal health

  • Learn to practice more efficiently and effectively

Oh #%@+! Here comes the high note I cracked on yesterday

Loryn Barbeau, Singer, Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach, Performance Coach, San Francisco, CA

Managing your thoughts - are they helping or Hurting you?

When we anticipate what's coming like that high note you keep cracking on we set ourselves up for repeated mistakes.

Our thoughts can stop airflow which will throw us off our game and can make getting through even one song really challenging. 

But when you learn where to put your awareness, on the actions of proper vocal mechanics that pesky inner critic will begin to quiet down, you will have room to become more expressive and those high notes won't throw you off

Pull this in! Push that out! lift that up! Support!

Work with your body, not against it's natural mechanics.

If you feel like you're running through a crazy obstacle course every time you sing then you're working way too hard in the wrong way.

By learning the true mechanics of the voice in simple, easy-to-understand terms, through user friendly exercises you will start to have a lot more fun.

Singing and speaking should work with natural body function, but when you don't really understand what that is you don't have a method you can rely on. That can be really scary, so lets fix that and put you in charge of your voice.

45 minutes into practice, already exhausted, haven't gotten anywhere.

Practice That Actually Helps - Instead Of Wearing you out.

Are you spending too much time on warm ups, practicing difficult passages over and over again, wearing your voice out and getting nowhere?

A huge part of learning to sing well is having an effective practice routine. There's no point in doing exercises over and over again if they don't work or you don't know how they work and why they are supposed to help.

I will teach how to practice effectively, improve on your own and essentially become your own teacher.


Loryn Barbeau, Singer, Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach, Performance Coach, San Francisco, CA

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