Loryn Barbeau, Singer, Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach, Performance Coach, San Francisco, CA

About Me

Opera singer turned pop singer and yogi.

One of my great passions is sharing the lessons I've learned with other singers. I think of myself as a short cut to valuable information, supporting singers as they navigate the music world.

On most days I'm teaching singers in my studio or teaching yoga and self-care at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

You can also find me rehearsing for shows or working on new material with my band Gutter Swan. If I'm not playing my own gig I'm often watching another performer or band. I love going out to hear live music.

Every time someone steps out on the stage it's an act of courage. I started my own musical training in a conservatory environment as a teenager. I understand the grueling pressure of perusing and maintaining a career as a singer. 

It's a constant balancing act - pursuing your passion, honing your skills, putting yourself out in front of people, while practicing self-care and managing your inner critic.

But there is a way for everyone

My Background + Education

Through a recommendation from a friend I discovered yoga, which also lead me to Ayurveda, East Indian Traditional Medicine and Meditation. All of which changed my body, changed my breathing, supplying tools to manage my mood.

The affect was so profound I wanted other singers to have the same experience. I didn't know any voice teachers that were incorporating these practices into their teaching so I decided to do it myself.

I am now a certified RYS500 yoga teacher and trained in Ayurvedic Medicine. I have the tools to empower singers, helping them take charge of their voice and lives so they can reach goals they so deeply desire.

I also sing with my band Gutter Swan, performing multiple times a month.

I am forever grateful to all of my teachers and mentors, Jane Randolph, voice teacher, Dina Amsterdam and Jason Crandell, yoga teachers, DeAnna Batdorff, Ayurveda educator, Dr Krzystof Izdebski, speech pathologist.

I earned my Master of Music in classical voice from the SF Conservatory of Music. I trained in classical voice from the age of 15 but it wasn't until I found my teacher Jane Randolph that I started singing to my full potential.

Like many singers I moved through a series of teachers who had great intentions but in the long run taught me habits that were not helpful, diminishing my voice.

So I know what it's like to completely retrain a voice. It's worth every second.

For me learning to sing well was not my only challenge. I had suffered from anxiety and depression for a lot of my life. Going out into the world auditioning and trying to make it in classical voice felt really lonely.

My fluctuating anxiety started to effect my breathing which really hampered my singing.

I wanted a solution. I wanted to feel better.