Helping you sing better

The music business can be tough to navigate, singing doesn't have to be.  

let me help YOU

Becoming a great singer means finding your authentic sound. Finding your true sound is a healthier, more sustainable method of singing you can rely on for a lifetime. Using your true voice makes you more magnetic...more real.

People usually call me when they're not getting the right results - in performance, in the recording studio, in the practice room or even the shower. Whether you've tried other vocal techniques or have no training whatsoever - I can help.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry. Some very small changes in vocal approach and lifestyle can make a huge difference in your singing.


Know you could be a better singer but you don't know what to do about it?


  • Missing those high notes?
  • Straining to make sound?
  • Feeling vocal fatigue?

These things occur when you're not using your instrument properly. They can shorten your vocal career and or keep you from having one. You have a true voice. Unique qualities that make you different from any other singer out there.

One of the biggest symptoms of not knowing your true voice, is trying to copy someone else. Are you mimicking the latest pop sensation, trying to sound how you think you should?

Most people don't even know they are doing this, but it can create really unhealthy vocal habits that can keep you from reaching your goals.

But what is my authentic sound? What does that even mean? 


Your true voice is the sound you make when your body, your instrument functions with ease, the way it was meant to work. Your breath flows freely. You aren't judging the sound you hear while you sing. Making sound feels effortless.

You can't help but hear your voice as you sing and it's natural to want to adjust it accordingly. It's also natural to compare it to other voices, but this will get you into trouble.

The good news is with the right training you can change that.



If you were a car,your breath would be your gas.

Are you trying to drive on empty?


Invest in the right tools and you'll get the right outcomes.

Breath is everything for great singing and everything from lifestyle choices, poor posture, muscle tension, stress, anxiety, distraction by your inner critic, listening to your own sound and so much more can throw it off.

When you have the tools you need to manage these challenges you will free your breath to support the sound you want.

Working on your voice means working with every part of you, physical, mental and emotional - like an athlete. 

You are your own instrument which means that everything you do contributes to your performance (for better or worse).

You need tools you can rely on despite ever changing conditions whether they are internal like feeling stressed or external like when you're faced with lousy acoustics.

So where do you start?

You wanted help with your voice and now I'm telling you that you need to change your whole lifestyle?

Before you freak out - your whole life doesn't need to change. You just need to understand the effect your lifestyle choices have on your voice. 

Stayed up late? Drank enough water? Feeling stressed? Yep - all of those will change how you perform.

Which is why I offer lifestyle consultations - in just one hour we can go over best practices to help you make choices that will help your career, not hurt it.


Loryn Barbeau, Singer, Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach, Performance Coach, San Francisco, CA

A Dose Of My Own Medicine

I know first hand that this can be easier said than done.

From helping professional and amateur singers to singing in my own band, I know how hard and how rewarding life as a music maker can be.

As a former classical singer turned yogi/pop singer/vocal coach I practice what I preach because I have to. 

Just like you I wake up everyday in a body that's often a little different than the day before, with a challenging to do list or in a mental state that might make me want to crawl back into bed.

But I know what to do, how to take care of myself so that I can sing well, do the show that feels scary, learn the challenging new material and get the job done. And with my help you will too!